Frogwares is an award-winning, critically acclaimed developer of story-rich action-adventure games. Fiercely independent for 18 years, we are driven by the limitless possibilities in video games. Our focus today is on creating fresh narratives backed with engaging gameplay mechanics and blockbuster-level production values. Thanks to the work of a talented team of 80+ artists and programmers, Frogwares games available for major gaming platforms, including PC and consoles. With over 8 million units sold in the last decade, Frogwares continues to develop a rich portfolio for the new generation of consoles: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch.

Are you looking to join the Game Development Industry? Or are you an established GameDev pro searching for new challenges? Don’t hesitate to join Frogwares if you are aiming to be a part of AAA scale development and want your work to be appreciated by millions of gamers.

We create our games with love and passion. Come join us!

Quest Designer

Frogwares Team is currently looking for a Quest Designer for its upcoming open-world investigation game.