Dracula Origin Reviews

First press reviews on Dracula Origin appear on the Internet, and they are very positive.

All articles underline the excellent story and a great presentation:

“a strong adventure title that gives an excellent, updated treatment to the vampire hunting classic. It looks amazing, plays well, and the quality storytelling is bound to suck you in immediately.”Cheat Code Central

The gameplay is traditional and very accessible too, according to Gamespot and IGN. The latter gave the game an 8 out of 10 which is an excellent mark:

“logical, challenging puzzles that will give you a sense of satisfaction when solved… it uses the old adventure format but with a few tweaks that make it accessible and easier for those who aren’t familiar with the genre.”Gamespot

In the end, IGN quotes:

“Dracula: Origin is elegant piece of work visually, using well-known fictional characters and blending it into a fun and challenging adventure game.”

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