Game Support

General recommendations

If your game is not working for technical reasons, we are here to help.

Before submitting a support request, be absolutely sure to check out the most common problems here: Frogwares Support Knowledgebase. This is the fastest way to solve your issue.

If you haven’t found your problem described in the knowledgebase, please fill out the support request form below. We’ll be in touch.

Most of the time, if the game can’t launch without any explanation or if you meet graphic or sound problems while playing:

  1. Check your computer requirements are compatible with those recommended by the game.
  2. Check DirectX version as well as your graphic and sounds drivers: your computer has to be updated regularly. Generally an update older than 6 months is too old.

And please don’t forget: if display is slow while playing, don’t hesitate to change settings in the game menu in order to lower the graphic quality or the screen resolution in game.

Nvidia PhysX update   
How to create DXDiag Info   

DxDiag is a diagnostic tool that provides all technical info of your computer (as the name of your graphic card, space available on your hard drive or the version of the OS) No confidential info is given.
How to create a DxDiag?
1. Click on Start then Run.
2. In the field Open, type the command DXDIAG then click OK.
3. Wait till the program has finished to collect all data.
4. In the DxDiag window, click on the button Save All Information.
5. Choose the place where you wish to save it and click on Save.
6. Once the save done, you can close the DxDiag window and open the file DxDiag.txt.


Choose from 1 to 5 files up to 20MB.