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We’re happy to present to you future Great Architects!

Last week, we had a visit from our local school. Result? Our architects are worried about their future.

After getting a lead on us at their school, 25 students infiltrated Frogwares office, seeking the secret knowledge of how Oakmont city is brought to life.
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They’ve started with a tour around the studio, and the moment the doors opened, a barrage of questions started. Children were interested in everything, pointing at art hanging on the wall, asking what all the departments are doing. However, what took the most of their attention was the fresh map of Oakmont districts that we’ve recently hang on the wall. Some of the kids kept standing next to it even after the tour was leading to another place.

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And I think that’s when it all started…
Next stop was the actual practice. First, they were explained how our building editor works, as they’ve never seen anything like this before. We were pleased to see the fascination in their eyes after finding out that they have a unique chance to be the first people ever to see it in action. To give them some base ideas, Kostya, our architect, showed them buildings he had already created for Oakmont using this editor. This all took only a few minutes to explain, and we could see how much kids wanted to put their fingers on the keyboard and see what they can create themselves.
Let’s be honest, it was a huge discussion. While choosing the style of each house, the kids have been talking a lot about why certain elements had to be implemented, creating the history of the houses on the way. With our large database, they had a variety of detail choices, so sometimes they were arguing for several minutes about what sort of balcony they should put on the house, or if it needs some type of a store on the first floor.

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There were so many suggestions and ideas that they ended up creating several different looking buildings. And all this within only 2 hours! Now, it might seem that 2 hours is an insufficient time to create anything without practical knowledge, but here we are, reviewing the results of their enthusiasm and creativity – combined with the simplicity of our building editor. If this was done by children, can you imagine what experienced person could create with it?

Below, here are the results of what our little future architects did – in a nice gallery format…

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