Q&A Vol.1: Game, Lore, Release date?

In a series of Q&A videos, we want to answer the most popular questions about The Sinking City

Shedding light on how we incorporate Lovecraftian lore in the first part of our Q&A

Hey folks, welcome to the first part of our Q&A session, in which we will be answering your questions about The Sinking City, its Lovecraft roots as well as core gameplay mechanics.

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This video will shed some light on the game in general and how we combine investigation and action to create a captivating experience. We are also touching upon our source of inspiration – Lovecraft – and how we incorporate his horrors in our work.

Don’t forget to check out our second Q&A video, in which we tackle your questions about insanity, gunplay mechanics and possible camera changes. It’s coming soon.

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