Q&A Vol. 2: Insanity, Gunplay

Welcome to the second part of our Q&A, in which we want to lift the curtain on gameplay mechanics in The Sinking City

Witnessing the supernatural can’t go unnoticed for one’s sanity

Hey everybody! As we continue to develop The Sinking City and approach the finish line, we want to tell you more and more about the world we are creating. The first part of the Q&A video hopefully gave you an idea of what the game is shaping up to be, as well as how we work with our source of inspiration, Lovecraft. If you missed that video, you can watch it here.

Today, we will be talking about a few gameplay mechanics which play a major role in The Sinking City. The first one is our insanity mechanic. As every Lovecraft fan knows, insanity is an underlying theme of his novels. Discovering beings so ancient, so incomprehensibly complex and powerful can easily devastate one’s mental state. So to noone’s surpise, we want to have it in our game. The video should tell you more about how we actually implement the feature.

A lot of people in our community are also curious about combat in our game. A full-scale combat system is something we couldn’t do with Sherlock. It’s not how the brilliant detective operates, and would be extremely our of character. It’s actually one of the reasons we decided to create a new IP.

While we want to stress that The Sinking City is not about killing monsters, they are a a big part of the game. We don’t want you just running away or hiding from enemies, we want you to be able to defend yourself and fight them off. So in this video we will tell you what kind of tools we will give you to achieve that goal.

There’s also one thing that we feel needs to be addressed. We are experimenting with different setting of camera in the game, because we’ve noticed some people prefer to have a different angle while playing.

Stay tuned for the final part of our Q&A video, which is coming soon.

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