Sherlock Holmes Chapter One | Your Questions Answered Pt. 1

Welcome to the first round of the Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Q&A video. This one covers your questions about the game's length, detective mechanics and voice cast.

Hey detectives, today we want to answer your questions about Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.

In case you can’t watch the video, we got the questions and answers here as well.

Bartek Madziar
Q.  How big is the game going to be and how many cases will it cover? Just five small cases like the previous one? Or maybe one big, long case?

A. There are 5 main quests in the game, they are all connected through one continuous story, and we also have more than 30 side quests, and some of them are as big as the main ones.  Also, I’d say it would take around 12 to 15 hours to beat the main story, and maybe 40 to 50 hours if you want to see everything there’s in the game

Giacinto Poli
Q. Will the game be focused solely on the mystery involving the death of Sherlock’s mother? Or will we have minor mysteries to deal with along the way, too?

A. Sherlock is indeed driven by his goal to learn the truth about his mother – that’s his motivation for the main quest. Keep in mind that he also wants to prove to everybody that he is a real detective, so he’s eager to investigate any incidents – or side quests if you will – that occur on the island. And they all offer different stories, some of them are linked to Sherlock and Jon and their past, while the others revolve around the people on the island and the skeletons in their closet.

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Samantha Larocque
Q.  Is the game very linear, or will we have options as to what quests we do when (to some extent). How free are we to explore the world?

A. This is an open world game, so after you complete the first main quest, you’ll be free to explore the island and find new quests on your own. Of course, it’s up to you to choose what to do and when. So you are free to juggle both main and side content.

Elliott Longhawn
Q. Will Sherlock wear any disguise costumes this time?

A. Yeah! Disguise is a big part of Chapter One, that actually synergizes with many other skills at your possession, but we’ll talk about it later. As you play, you can find or buy new outfits. They will help you gain the trust of different social groups, gain access to closed off areas, or simply customize how your Sherlock looks. You can get new outfits, hats, glasses, change facial hair etc, you can even apply bruises and wrinkles if you need to look older.

Myo Shwe Yi Wyne
Q. I read that we’d be able to decorate the mansion so will we be able to shop for furnitures and clothes or will they get unlocked as we play?

A. It’s both. You can find or earn some as a reward, or sometimes you’ll need to buy them from the local vendors.

Babak Rahrovani
Q. Will the game have multiple outcomes for cases, or endings like in the previous ones?

A. Oh yes, definitely! All main quests and most side quests will have different outcomes based on your deduction choices as well as moral choices. And of course the game itself will offer several different endings.

Becky Davis
Q. Will it focus on just solving puzzles or will we see Sherlock do some fighting

A. Uh, we’ll see Sherlock do some fighting as well, where it makes sense for the story. Keep in mind that our 21- year old Sherlock is much more arrogant and reckless than his older self, so yes, sometimes you’ll have to fight off criminals when they attack you, and you can use Sherlock’s observation skills to keep your hands clean and take enemies down in a really humiliating way. But you won’t be able to attack random people in the city, cause we do not think it fits Sherlock’s character.

Reef Bell
Q. When can we expect to see gameplay and who’s on the voice cast?

A. I’ll be honest, we are not ready to show you gameplay just yet. As for the voice cast, we are pleased to announce that Alex Jordan is our Sherlock Holmes, and Wil Coban is our Jonathan. They did an amazing job bringing our characters to live! Actually, you know what, let’s have a small demonstration.

Giuseppe Pirozzi
Q. How much of The Sinking City structure will there be? The inquiries will be conducted in a linear way or we’ll be free to make mistakes and declare guilty the wrong person?

A. Yes, you can definitely accuse the wrong person, like in Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments, for example. In each main quest you’ll have several different suspects, and usually you can make deductions that either of them could be responsible for the crime. It depends on how many clues you have found, and how you interpret their context and piece them together. So it’s possible to fail your investigation, but the story will go on regardless.
By the way, even if you think that your suspect is guilty, you can still let them get away with it, because, I don’t know, maybe you don’t believe that they deserve to be punished for what they did. It’s up to you.

As for the side quests, they are usually a bit more linear, but they still offer a lot of deduction, moral choices, and of course interesting stories.

Christopher Mattias Rohner
Q. Will there be a teleporting Watson option? I always enjoyed how in the older games he would stand still as you walked away from him, you would turn around and BOOM, he’s standing right in front of you. I miss that.

A. Well I guess it would be quite a shocker if Watson teleported in Chapter One, considering that he’s not even in the game.

That’s all for now. The rest of your questions is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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