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A mere flood is no excuse to abandon your style

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In The Sinking City, there is a total of 12 outfits for the player to unlock and rock. As one smart man once said, a mere flood is no excuse to abandon your style.

Explore the depths of The Sinking City on June 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC.
Tortured by his past and otherworldly visions, Charles W. Reed, a private investigator finds himself in Oakmont, Massachusetts, seeking salvation from the creeping insanity that afflicts him.

Once a trade harbor, known for its lucrative smuggling business, Oakmont now lives in secluded isolation from the rest of the world, under a flood of supernatural origins.

In this place of decay and superstition; players will have to deal with the dregs of mankind, follow clues they wish they had never found, and unveil a cosmic horror threatening the world itself.
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