The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Critical Acclaim

With more than a week after its release, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes has been receiving praise from critics and we wanted to share some of the most exciting commentaries with you!

Trueachievements 4 out of 5:

The Testament of Sherlock has one of the darkest and most gripping storylines that I’ve experienced in the Sherlock Holmes franchise. Read more

Gamemuse 4 out of 5:

Along with an exciting story and a huge difficulty level, this game really makes you feel as if you’re Sherlock Holmes. Read more


Gamezebo 4.5 out of 5:

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is exactly what you’d want it to be – an adventure that asks you to use your reason and deduction just as the good detective himself would.  If you’re looking to play a good mystery, consider this one a testament to the genre. Read more


Gamespot 8 out of 10:

A grim storyline, challenging puzzles, and atmospheric visuals make The Testament of Sherlock Holmes one of the legendary sleuth’s greatest adventures. Read more


Hookedgamers 8 out of 10:

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes kept drawing me back in. ut if you want the full package of adventure, mystery, and Sherlock Holmes himself, this is the best way to achieve all of that. Read more


Gamepodunk 8 out of 10:

An adventure fan’s delight! Sherlock Holmes fans won’t be disappointed. Read more


GameingLives 8 out of 10:

It is a grand success. The story begins with the simple theft of a necklace and swiftly takes a turn for the sinister when Holmes and Watson investigate a grisly murder and are pulled into a web of corruption, deceit and death. Read more


Gamingbolt 9 out of 10:

To anyone who fancies themselves a thinking gamer, you owe it to yourselves to pick this game up. Read more


The darkest investigation of Sherlock Holmes’ career has already begun on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC! You are Sherlock Holmes, and this is your investigation!

Are you playing the game now? Do you enjoy it so far?

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