Updates for Sherlock Holmes Games

Some summer news about Frogwares, we have so much we could send a newsletter, but we’ll stick to the traditional news for now:

First of all Dept 42 tops number 2 on BFG, you can find the game at this link.


You can read cool players reviews here.
The game is now under localization in German, French, Spanish and Japanese.


Sherlock Holmes 2 on DS development has started. The game will be presented at the GC in Cologne at the end of August.


Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper is now under test for Xbox 360, we will correct few technical bugs and possibly improve the localization. The game have been a real success so far where it was released on PC. Next countries are Germany and UK, soon followed by the 360 version.


Sherlock Holmes on Wii is still under development, it will be presented in Cologne as well.


Sherlock Holmes on Iphone is as well in development; it should be ready in a couple of months now.


We have started Sherlock Holmes 6 design, a first version will be ready by the end of the year 2009 for a release in Q4 2010.


Additionally we would to propose you the review of gamergirl314 of Frogwares games, this honest gamer tells what she thinks and it’s very entertaining to watch.

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