The vision of Oakmont is getting clearer

Enter Oakmont, born of mystery, built on madness. Enter our world.

Guided by the visions that come in our dreams, The Sinking City grows wider, its history is fleshing out with details, and we are slowly discovering the mysteries of Oakmont.

Raising the walls of the whole world is not as easy as it might seem to be. We want to show how authentic and unique this city is, delivering an unsettling feeling that’s floating in the air. Diving into studies from peoples’ behavior, to such small details as discovering how the slightly tilted horizon influences the perception of what you see, it was all done to pass on the alarming atmosphere of Oakmont, to make it feel real. As it is real to us.

As the city slowly comes out of the shadow, with its citizens, history, and mysteries, we can finally understand where the path of investigation lies. And the key word in here is “questioning”. Not just the suspects or witnesses, but questioning yourself if what you see and feel is real. Is that a strange creature you saw in the shadow around the corner, or just your fantasy, a reflection of your fears? Did you just imagine that clinking sound behind the closed door, or is something hiding in there? The answer lies somewhere behind the veil, which is yet to be opened, for ourselves as well.

And you know, sometimes, it feels like it’s not Frogwares that’s creating a game about an investigation in the open word simply because we liked the idea and the sound of it. Sometimes if feels that something bigger, like the whole world, hidden behind this story had chosen us to be the messengers and take it into the light.

Sounds crazy, right? Maybe it’s just our imagination, fueled by insanity studies, sleepless nights, and the visions of the city, standing alone on the sea shore…

But, as the famous saying goes, everything you can imagine is real.


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